Why Be Catholic?

This talk gives Catholics reason to be enthusiastic about their faith. With engaging personal testimonies and an insightful look at the origins of Catholicism, Mrs. Watkins not only provides proof for the authentic reality of Christ's institution of the Church as God's instrument of salvation on earth, but expounds upon the uniqueness of Catholicism within Christianity, as God's greatest gift to humanity in its reach for paradise. Using clever props to illustrate the divine assistance provided uniquely by the Catholic church on one's journey towards heaven, and with the aid of powerfully inspiring videos, listeners find themselves crying, laughing, throughout this talk, and best of all, with a renewed sense of appreciation and awe regarding their Catholic faith.

God's Power to Heal

This presentation on God's healing power teaches listeners how to invite God’s healing power into their and their families' lives, and invites them to experience that power firsthand. In order to enter into a bright future, healing, forgiveness, and recovery from the past are necessary and require specific steps. This talk not only outlines these invaluable steps, but invites Jesus’ mercy into the hearts of those present, through a beautiful ritual of prayer.


From Near Death to New Life

In this talk, Mrs. Watkins shares her remarkable journey from living a life of serious sin and her dangerous ventures into the New Age Movement, all of which led to her to the brink of death. In one moment, Mary asked Jesus to save her, and she was healed. She quickly joined the Catholic Church, hasn’t doubted the existence of Jesus or Mary every since, and now shares her story to captivated audiences around the country. In her presentation, Mrs. Watkins also points out moments of evangelization, which happened in her life and in the lives of others, encouraging her audience to not just live the faith, but to share it freely. Resources are given to each participant to help them understand the calling, necessity, and means of effectively spreading the Good News.

The American Book of Exodus: Thriving Spiritually in Tough Economic Times

When one compares the Book of Exodus with America’s current economic situation, the parallels are striking. God takes the Israelites from a land of plenty and leads them into the desert, with its many temptations and trials, before he shows them the Promised Land. In the desert, God comes and provides for His people, helping them learn to trust and obey Him. Their temptations are many: to grumble and complain, to fear God isn’t with them, to despair that that manna God sends them will not be enough, to turn to idols for comfort, et cetera, but they persevere, and God proves faithful. This talk injects hope and understanding into our present difficult conditions. People come away from this presentation with grateful hearts, spiritually renewed, and with a deeper understanding that their present hardships are but a path allowed or ordained by God, as He holds their hands and guides them towards the Promised Land.

Discerning Our Calling

This talk gives people insights into how to discern God's will in one's vocational calling in life and one's relationships. Our discernment is clouded when we hold onto what St. Ignatius of Loyola calls "disordered attachments"--those things/needs/people that we place in our lives as a higher priority than God. Only good things happen when we surrender our lives fully to Our Creator. For as Jesus says, in Luke 9:24, "Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake, will save it."

Sexuality and Healing

Sexuality is one of the most powerful forces in the world. God's plan for us is that it be a source of tremendous love and union, never lingering hurt. Through true stories, helpful insights, and a humorous activity, this talk, or expanded workshop, will uncover hidden forces that drive us and prayers that can help us. Learn how God's love can keep us in, or restore us to, a state of wholeness and peace in the area of our sexuality. Learn of its purpose, its sacredness, and how the pictures that the world paints of sexuality can be very different from the life-giving pictures that God paints. 

The Power of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

As a much neglected, sometimes feared, frequently misunderstood Sacrament, Reconciliation is a precious, heavenly gem waiting to be discovered or rediscovered by Catholics. The grace of this Sacrament is most powerful. After hosting this eye-opening, engaging, emotionally stirring and effective talk, parishes across the country have seen many of their members decided to receive the Sacrament regularly.

For helpful handouts regarding the particulars of going to a priest for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and for preparing one's soul beforehand, please click on the following document links: "How to confess to a priest," and "Preparing for Reconciliation with the 10 Commandments."

The Blessed Mother and You

How to nurture and develop a relationship with the Blessed Mother that will transform your life. Who was the Mary in Scripture? Who is Mary for us now? While Mary sometimes remains the hidden masterpiece of the Divine Mind, her life on earth and her apparitions from heaven are a glimpse into the unfathomable depths of God's love and mercy. Now, more than ever, Mary is vying for our attention, teaching us how to come back to God and how to remain close to Him. Since the 1980's, reported visions of Mary have proliferated throughout the world. What is Mary saying to us, and how can her words change our lives? How can we connect with our Mother in Heaven, feel her transforming caress, experience her transcendent love? From past apparitions, such as Guadalupe, Fatima, and Lourdes, to modern day encounters, you’ll be amazed at what she has done for others and what she can do for you. Never underestimate the prayers of a mother.

Spiritual Direction and Discernment (How do I know what God is saying to me?)

This talk, a condensed version of the Making Holy Choices retreat www.holychoices.org(see www.holychoices.org), is for people truly seeking to discern the will of God in their lives. With an extensive background in Ignatian spirituality and several years working as a spiritual director, Mrs. Watkins offers helpful insights into the various forms of God's communication with us, insights that every Christian needs to know to better navigate life. Sharing surprising, true stories, she reveals how challenging and fruitful spiritual discernment can be. Participants will come away with a greater understanding of how to discern when God is speaking to them, what He is saying, and how to follow Him in peace.

Harbor in the Tempest: Welcoming God into Family Life

Family life is chaos! Receive help in bringing the blessings to God into your family life and keeping Catholicism alive in your home. Family prayer is the "glue" of the Holy Spirit, which preserves family relationships, shatters problems before they surface, resolves conflicts, and sanctifies and unites hearts. The family is the most important prayer group and yet the most difficult. Learn tips on how to persevere in this most important task, how to bring God and Mary into everyday conversation, and have the Lord Jesus be the center of the home.

Presentations normally last for one hour and can be delivered as keynote talks or expanded for retreat settings.  Additional projects exist or can be developed for your particular group.